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Even if the topic "Job Application" is only one part of commercial correspondence in the curriculum of English at BBS, it must not be neglected. In times of increasing mobility and young people's growing willingness to spend some time in foreign countries for their studies or to gain job experience, knowledge about the job application process and its various stages is indispensable. This website is intended to help teachers preparing their students for this important occasion which everyone will experience sooner or later.

  • Folder of Application  ( 3 Beiträge )

    The folder of application is typical of the German-speaking countries, yet it is also useful to make use of this concept when applying in other countries. It helps you to stay organized, as you have all the documents necessary for a job interview in one folder.

  • Personality Profile  ( 2 Beiträge )

    The process of applying for a job is all about marketing yourself. Therefore, it is essential to know about your strengths and weaknesses and also how to present them to the job interview or HR manager.

  • Job Search  ( 3 Beiträge )

    It is only on very rare occasions that you are told about a job or even offered one. In most cases you have to search for a job that suits both your qualifications and expectations. As a consequence, it is necessary to know where to find out about suitable vacancies.

  • Europass  ( 1 Beiträge )

    One of the essential objectives of the Europass is to promote mobility in Europe for the purpose of learning and working. The Europass has been created to make it easier for you to gather experience abroad and to document that experience in an understandable and traceable manner.

  • Letter of Application  ( 2 Beiträge )

    When writing a letter of application in a foreign language it is crucial to know how to express and present information about yourself. Not only certain phrases but also the general structure of your letter guarantee your success.

  • Online Application  ( 1 Beiträge )

    World-wide access to the Internet and the fact that more and more companies are relying on the Internet as a form of advertising their vacancies have made online application possible. However, there are certain differences and rules to be obeyed.

  • Job Interview  ( 4 Beiträge )

    The job interview is the most important step in the application process, as two people who have not had anything to do with each other so far have to find out whether they are willing and prepared to work together and cooperate. Therefore, it is crucial to be well-informed and aware of various do's and dont's.

  • Activities  ( 1 Beiträge )