If you are only looking for activities to use in your class, you can find them here. The activities are shown under the heading of the various categories:

Personality Profile:

Analyzing yourself_questions.pdf (116.62 KB


Job search:

Job search_Activity.pdf (80.48 KB


Letter of Application:

Activity_Letter of Application.pdf (88.4 KB)

Activity_Phrases.pdf (99.29 KB)

Activity_Parts of Letter.pdf (71.84 KB)

Activity_Parts of Letter_Solution.pdf (86.56 KB)    


Job interview: 

Cards_Questions by HR manager.pdf (132.65 KB)

Tipps for Job interview.pdf (121.55 KB)

Tipps for Job interview_Solution.pdf (154.94 KB)   


Methodological and didactic guidelines:

Guidelines.pdf (108.18 KB)