Applying for a job

As with every project, it is very important to know where to start. In this section you will find about the first steps in the application process.



Basic Information


Before you can start applying for a job you need to find out about different jobs on offer and so you scam newspapers for different job advertisements. Basically, we distinguish between two forms of application:

solicited application

unsolicited application

A solicited application is written in response to a job advertisement in the press, on the Internet or at a job agency.

An unsolicited application is written in hope that a company has vacancies. Unsolicited applications are also called cold canvassing.


Apart from solicited and unsolicited applications there are two other forms of finding out about vacant jobs:

Indirect         Applications:

You do not contact the companies yourself but “employ” a recruitment agency which knows about your qualifications skills and interests, to do so.


Networking refers to another source of information. Friends and acquaintances tell you about jobs and possible vacancies.


Having completed the first step, i.e. finding the right job advertisement for yourself, you should remember that job applications usually consist of four stages:

  • a letter of application and a CV (curriculum vitae, BE) or resumé (AE)
  • an invitation to the job interview
  • a personal interview
  • a formal job offer or notification of rejection


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