Analyzing yourself

In order to be successful in your job interview it is essential for you to be sure about your goals, your aims, what you should and should not tell the job interviewer about yourself. 



Applying for a job is fun!


Applying for a job is one of the most fascinating and crucial events in everyone’s life. Two people, who have not had anything to do with each other so far, have to find out whether they can cooperate or not. This is a challenge for both sides, a strenuous as well as a rewarding one!

It is a long way until you might be able to sign a contract, a long way full of obstacles. However, it depends on you whether you stumble or manage to succeed.


What do I want? – What am I capable of? – What kind of    career do I strive for?



The first thing you have to know is what you want. It might seem to be a commonplace, but it also holds true when searching for the right job. Nobody will employ you just because of goodwill and courtesy. What really counts are facts and, most of all, two questions:

  • Is the applicant worth the money I have to invest?
  • What about the advantages for the company when I employ this person?


That is why it is important to make sure that all your documents, i.e. letter of application, CV, etc., aim to answer these questions. Think carefully about them and try to formulate appropriate answers. Of course, there is no doubt that it is not as easy as it seems at first sight, but it is worth the effort. Never ever forget this one sentence:

“There is only one person for the job — and that is me!“




 Source: jobpilot, Karriere-Guide


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